Set/get outgoing IP address for whitelisting on external APIs/Hosts

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I don’t think this is something that Fly currently does, but is there any way to set an IP address (or a list/range) that a fly app will use to make requests to external hosts? I’d really like to be able to reliably whitelist Fly apps by IP/list/range/whatever.

I run reverse proxies, and occasionally one or more Fly IPs will get blacklisted by an external host. Since some requests go out through different Fly IP addresses to the external host, we get an intermittent “sometimes it makes it and sometimes it doesn’t” situation. When this happens, it’s really hard to sort out with the 3rd party hosts because I don’t even know what IPs they need to unblock.

Mainly this seems to be happening with Vercel occasionally.


Unfortunately no. I’d like that ability too.

The closest thing for now seems to be to ask @kurt nicely for the current IP range from your region :slight_smile:

e.g see:

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I figured so. In that case I’m definitely requesting this as a feature if it’s possible, and I’d be 110% willing to pay extra to use it. It’s just so much of an industry standard to use IPs for whitelist, a lot of people will have a hard time getting away from it.

I would love this feature, did you officially request it @carter ?

I’m also in need of this feature! Hopefully we can get something done

We’d also need this to whitelist the Firecracker VM’s that are connecting to a MongoDB Atlas cluster


I have the same use case - needing to add specific IPs to an allow list to access a DB that’s hosted elsewhere. It’s a wild setup, for sure, but I can’t use’s own DB. At the moment I have to use a SOCKS5 proxy. And also +1 with Carter - I’d pay for this as well.

Hi, adding my request to this conversation as well. I have a service that requires me to register the IP address my API requests will originate from for their allowlist. At the moment I’m running a small AWS EC2 instance on a static IP address just to process the API and then forward the results to my Fly Apps. It would be great to have a static outgoing IP address binding for some processes.

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But actually, I dont know of any more formal way to request this than here. Still would love to pay for this. Big bucks. Entire dollars even.

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+1 on wanting this feature as well.

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Chiming in after giving a test drive. Like others, would love it if I had access to outbound IPs. That’s probably the only thing stopping me from using fly more regularly. Otherwise pretty great to use

Unfortunately there were no replies in the mentioned discussion for new requests :frowning: . Would love to get this feature too.

I’ve been stuck on this as well. I tried the option suggested here but can’t still get that proxy to work.

I need that feature too, to be whitelisted on the payment service Bridge, has anyone managed to get around this problem?

Are there any updates related to this?

+1 This would be really useful for whilelisting an app in MongoDB Atlas