Static egress IP

Is there any way to have stable egress IP addresses on a per app basis or a per account basis? The use case is to provide our customers with a set of known IP address - unfortunately still needed in 2022.

I came across this unanswered one but nothing else that answers the question otherwise: How can I make docker container use static ip address?.

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There is not.

There are a variety of threads about it e.g

One approach would be this suggestion, from Kurt:

I haven’t tried this, but another user wonders if can clients/servers bind their socket to FLY_PUBLIC_IP, which might then give both a stable ingress (in case of clients via experimental.allowed_public_ports) and egress (if the server process binding to that IP works).

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Unfortunately, using another proxy doesn’t work because I’m providing a proxy service myself.

Is this something on the roadmap at all?