List of networks where my app can live

We have an app that runs in 10 regions across the globe.
The app does many things, including fetching data from remote services.
Sometimes a remote fetch fails and this may be due to the remote service disallowing requests from a certain network

Recently, I observed our app ran on the following networks

AS54825 Packet Host, Inc.
AS30081 CacheNetworks, Inc.

I’ve seen OVH too in the past and NetActuate.

Can Fly provide an (always up-to-date :pray: ) list of ASNs where an app may live?

You’ll find a list of subprocessors Fly uses here: Sub-processors · Fly Docs

(and then you’d have to find subprocessors for those and so on)

Or… if you are on the scale plan, you can email support and they might be more open about the underlying specifics.

See also: Set/get outgoing IP address for whitelisting on external APIs/Hosts - #12 by ignoramous | Outbound IP from a certain region - #2 by ignoramous

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So smart, thanks!