"Your organization is currently restricted to single instance apps only"


I’ve been using fly to host a side project for a while now and have been very happy with it. I’ve been been running in the free tier with 3 instances spread across different regions. However recently the project has been getting more usage than usual, so I tried to consolidate regions in the hopes it would improve performance, but instead fly is no longer letting me spin up 3 instances! Please help!

Here is the message I’m getting:

$ fly scale count 3
Error Your organization is currently restricted to single instance apps only. Please contact us at support@fly.io to upgrade to larger instances.

However emailing that address gives me a canned reply saying to post here!

Previously I had 3 instances running across various regions, and this started happening after I did fly regions set 'lax', however setting my regions back to the previous setup does not fix the issue.

How can I scale it back up to 3 instances?

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Are you paying more than $29/mo to Fly today? If so, consider subscribing to their launch plan: Restricted to shared-cpu-1x instances only - #2 by ignoramous

If not, you’d have to wait until someone from Fly gets your account out of this quagmire.

just on hobby tier sadly :frowning: had originally been on free tier but busted out the credit card to at least throw some more ram at the 2 instances that remain.

hope someone from fly fly pops by soon, it’s a twitter backup tool so the usage is mostly from people worried that twitter is going to shut down and trying to get their stuff out first

Facing the same issue too. I hope someone from fly replies soon.

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fly eventually got back to me, apparently my account was mistakenly restricted by their fraud protection system, it’s working normally again now


Great! How did you contact them?

I had emailed support@fly.io when I first started getting the error and got back an autoreply saying it was an unmonitored mailbox and to post here, but I guess someone does actually monitor it cause they eventually replied to the email


Someone finally replied from fly and removed the restriction placed on my account too!

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Same problem here, I also sent an email, I hope the restriction can be removed soon.

We likewise just encountered this error and are currently on the $29/mo launch plan.

It’s a bit unclear from the plans page, but is it possible that 3+ region deployments are only available on the Scale plans and up?

Reached out to support@fly.io likewise for clarification, the error is certainly confusing as it indicates we are limited to single instance apps, but we are actually able to deploy 2 instances just fine, only run into this error when requesting instances in 3+ regions.

Would be great if someone from the Fly team could chime in here to clarify the plan-level restrictions.