Restricted to manual scaling

I bought prepaid credits recently and then I created an application. I tried to turn on autoscaling, but I got this error message: Your organization is currently restricted to manual scaling. Please contact us at to upgrade to larger instances. I haven’t been able to determine what caused this message and emailing the given email address just gives us back an automated email that isn’t helpful. Anyone know what would cause this?

Can some users from Fly help me? I need to scale my app because it may crash :frowning:

Seems like you got caught in some fraud detection nets by accident. I’ve gone and unflagged your account, it should work fine now.


I’m having the same error, could you help me? @DAlperin

I tried manually scaling in the meanwhile with fly scale count and deploying doesn’t work anymore now:

1st try:

==> Monitoring deployment
Error 1 error occurred:
	* No deployment available to monitor

2nd try

==> Creating release
Error Timeout on DeployImage.release
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables

Scaling back doesn’t work anymore either:

> fly scale count 1           
Error Timeout on SetVMCount.taskGroupCounts

This-is-Fine-300x300 pls help