Cohesion: flyctl says to email support, support email says go away

soo, I tried to deploy my app in HA today, which I could, but then it started failing the rolling update process:

Error: failed to update VM 3d8dd1ef220558: Your organization has reached its machine limit. Please contact (Request ID: 01HTW40WA740C0XNFJHCYR8GS5-arn)

So I send an email, and this has worked in the past and was an amazing selling point that made me actually recommend fly in production at least once. But no longer.

This is an unmonitored support mailbox.

I get you can’t offer personalized support once you scale up, but please, bring some sense of cohesion to fly, this feels like a scavenger hunt (and that’s not the only time when looking for how things work between several internal revisions of features).

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