Redis/Upstash outage ?

I’m seeing errors such as:

❯ flyctl redis connect redis-cache
? Select a database to connect to redis-cache (iad) personal
Proxying local port 16379 to remote [xxxx:x:xxxx:x:x::x]:6379

I/O error> set test test

I/O error
Error: Server closed the connection

Is there an outage from Upstash or Fly or am I missing something in what I’m doing ?

Also is there anyway one could check redis status, flyctl redis status doesn’t say much from what I see. The dashboard doesn’t show redis as well.

It looks like those are failing auth for some reason. Can you try connecting manually? fly redis show should give you auth credentials.

Ok yeah, if I install redis-cli and use the URI it indeed bypasses the issue. Thanks