Can't connect/proxy to Upstash Redis from CLI: I/O error

Hi all,

Trying to proxy to a long-running Upstash Redis instance for the first time in a while, and I can’t get it working. Running fly redis connect gives an I/O error almost immediately; fly redis proxy gives the same error after a long timeout. I also can’t connect to the instance directly using the URL given by fly redis status – I get a timeout after some delay.

$ fly redis connect
? Select a database to connect to <name> (<region>) <org-name>
Proxying local port 16379 to remote [<ipv6>]:6379

I/O error>

I can see other similar topics from last year, but I’m sure this used to work for me – not sure what changed!

For any readers from Fly support – I only have one Upstash instance configured across all my orgs, so you should be able to track it down.

Any assistance much appreciated. Thanks!

Adding on to this - trying to view the Upstash dashboard via the web browser also results in 404 page not found when it’s calling

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