Upstash Redis in IAD unavailable

I’ve emailed Fly support already, but our 2 apps running IAD can’t connect to their Upstash Redis instances. (Replicas running elsewhere (FRA) are fine.)

Is anyone else having problems?

It’s now 4 hours since the connection problems began; I’ve ended up turning off our app instances in IAD and replying on FRA. (Not easy to do as they have volumes, so can’t disable the region without deleting them.)

I’ve not had a reply to my support email either (I would have expected at least an automated acknowledgement.)

I’ve just tried turning on the IAD instances to see if they’re still not working, and they have connected to Redis fine.

We had some issues with Upstash nodes in IAD hanging at connect time. The underlying issue was fixed, and we actually have a check in place to detect this if it happens again. It was a weird issue, and slipped by our current monitoring.