Redis: I/O error

My Redis instance is not accessible:

~/dev/project ❯ fly redis connect
? Select a database to connect to <name> (ams) <project>
Proxying local port 16379 to remote [<ipv6>]:6379
I/O error>

Not from flyctl and my application is also unable to connect (from ams, den and scl) causing constant restarts until it gives up causing downtime unfortunately.

~/dev/project ❯ fly redis status <name>
  ID             = 7zo2y0Pz5oVQ7u9K2k6
  Name           = <name>
  Plan           = Free
  Primary Region = ams
  Read Regions   =
  Private URL    = redis://default:<password>@<name>

Both Fly ( and Upstash ( indicate no issues but unless I am doing something wrong it is broken.

What do I do to fix this?

Thanks - we’ve identified this as a more general issue and are looking into it.

Can you give your Redis a try again?

I had this issue a minute ago as well. Redis was unavailable to connect from the outside. Seems back now.

Is there monitoring available for Fly managed redis? Fly-metrics does not show the app.

We’re working on adding Redis to Fly Metrics. Normally we would have caught this, but some internal monitoring was disabled for a pending upgrade.

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That is unfortunate, but it sounds like this will be caught quicker next time?

It seems to be all working again :ok_hand:

Yep, we’re still working through some rough edges. Thanks for your patience!

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@jsierles I scaled my app down to 0 processes when this ocurred (personal app, no big deal) and have checked the status page several times since then to see when the issue was resolved and I could scale back up. After seeing this thread, I scaled the app back up and everything seems to be working normally. However, still says the issue is identified but unresolved? Just wanted to point that out in case it has been fully resolved.

@z1lk We were monitoring to make sure things continued, and left the incident in place just in case. Now it’s been marked as resolved. Thanks!

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