I/O error when connecting to Redis

Hi, when I try to connect to my Redis, I’m getting the I/O error. What can be the reason of it?
I have two organizations and one works under old (90$ plan) that will disappear in 2024 and new one with pay-as-you-go plan. Old one works fine but new one has this error every time I try to connect to it. What can be the reason?

Proxying local port 16379 to remote [xxx:x:xxxx:x:x::x]:6379

I/O error>

Also, My app that is connected to this Redis instance, from time to time gets Read time out error

Contacted Upstash support and the issue was already fixed. The problem was in fly network in LHR region.

Is this fixed fully for you? we’re still seeing timeouts as of 14:57 UK time.

yes, I don’t have any connection problems.

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