Preview invoice vs organization usage on bandwidth

Hi, In the preview billing for this month (/dashboard/personal/billing) I’m seeing 47273028199 Bytes in the outbound bandwidth, around 44 GB but in the organization usage (/organizations/personal/usage) I’m seeing 101 GB, So which is it? It’s just the personal organization with two apps. Thanks in advance and sorry I mangled the links but I don’t know if it’s allowed.

Hi @nyan

In the billing dashboard, bandwidth usage is split up into 3 zones (see Fly App Pricing - Outbound Data Transfer · Fly Docs) and for each zone there are two lines, one for the free usage and one for the paid usage after you exceed the free usage.

Make sure to add up all the bandwidth items in the billing page, that should add up to what you’re seeing in the usage page.

In the billing dashboard I only see this:

And in the personal org usage I’m seeing this:

It’s a huge difference