Bandwidth usage monitoring

where can I see the bandwidth usage of an app for the current billing cycle?

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I think that’s part of the Grafana setup. After logging into Fly, head on over to to see a Grafana dashboard which should have some of that data for you.

I’m not 100% sure it’s easy to map that to an expected bill, but it seems like it should get you close!

hmm, I’ve looked into that before, but I can only find time based ( bytes/s ) data rates. Are there any graphs / dashboards / tables where one can see the accumulated/sum of bytes for the set time period?

That would give some overview on the amount of traffic an app produces.

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The billing dashboard for each organization (Sign In · Fly) used to show the bill-in-progress for this month, including bandwidth usage.

But for some reason that seems to have disappeared in the past few days.

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I see.

OK, well without this data it’s quite hard to have some feeling if one will be running into trouble regarding bandwidth usage.

:+1: This was really useful. I was hoping it was a transient issue, but it seems to have been gone for a good number of days now.

If anyone is wondering why the usage is not displayed anymore,


alright, seems to be a temporary thing then. thank you!

Heads up to those following this thread – looks like current billing estimates are back.