I've been incorrectly charged for 200GB of traffic - no reply from billing@fly.io

I have been charged for 200GB of traffic for an application that received just 140k requests. This is the average pattern and I was never charged for bandwidth.

I sent billing@fly.io screenshots that confirms this but have not received any response yet.

I now noticed that email support is not included in the free plan, does this also include billing related queries? :worri

A refund was issued almost immediately after I posted this. Thanks! Fly.io


I am glad they fixed your issue. I sent a 2nd support email, this time including billing@fly.io.

I have 3TBs of data I can not account for, that all seems to be LiteFS Cloud backup failing. My LiteFS Cloud has not backed up since the 12th, but I have a large number of errors logged with it attempting.

It’s all really confusing. But I hope they help get it resolved as I am down a backup service, have extra data usage, and log usage because of how it handled failure, which is beyond my control.

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