Going to be billed $5.09 for $2.17 of usage?

I just got two emails in the same minute: “Your free trial is ending soon” and “Your free trial has ended”. I’ve been on fly.io for a long time so, you know, confusing.

Anyway, the email made me take a look at the billing page. In my personal org I see a $5 charge for Hobby, plus a $2.17 charge for usage, followed by a $2.07 free allowance credit. That’s leaving me with a $5.09 bill? (Those numbers are correct; there’s obviously a rounding issue in the billing code. The difference between the usage and free allowance is because I have a 5 GB volume, and the free allowance only covers 3 GB.)

The mail you sent on 20 Jun said:

Oh, and that free usage thing? Keep this on the down low, but we’re continuing to waive invoices on personal organizations that are less than $5. You’ll get an email when we do this. Don’t tell, though, that’s a thing we do because (a) it saves us a huge amount of support work and (b) really, we’d rather you be happy on the platform than pay us $3.

Given that, it’s surprising that $2.17 in usage is turning into a $5.09 bill — apparently because of the $5 Hobby charge itself?

This is also making me wonder if I’m going to start getting billed for my non-personal org, even though it has no apps? It is, after all, also on the Hobby plan.

(I sent an email to billing@, but I thought I’d post here because I have to imagine that other people will have similar questions.)

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Check the answer here:

Thanks, @Erisa, but the strange emails just made me look at my billing page; the real questions are about what I found there.

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Fair enough, I looked at my own preview invoice since I also got the weird emails and mine is really confusing but doesn’t seem as messed up as yours. Wondering if this is part of the display issues.

It very likely is. We are working on broader communication for those affected as well as a fix that should help clarify things. Sorry for the confusion.

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OK, I think this has been resolved; things seem to be back to the way they were!


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