Prepaid creditcard support


Looking to migrate from Heroku, had a good time trying out Fly. Now trying to set up payment details on my account so I can start hosting client projects on here and possibly migrate some old ones from Heroku.

However, my creditcard keeps being declined. I suspect it’s because it’s a prepaid card. I use this same card for a number of other online services as well, without any issues.
Is there anything that can be done about this?

if you only have a prepaid card … this is for you” seems to suggest prepaid cards should work for purchasing credits.

Per that thread - “We’ll also let you know if we reject a prepaid card with a link to buy credits instead” - are you not seeing this suggestion/link to buy credits?

@Whistler Thank you for your quick reply!

Indeed, reading that article it seems that buying credits is the only option currently. A bit unfortunate, since it’s another thing to monitor. But it can’t be helped I suppose.

I did not see any link to buy credits when my card was being declined. On the Stripe form I tried both with the Google Pay option and the credit card fields. The only feedback I received was that the card was declined.