My Card is being rejected

I have a mastercard debit card of BOB in India and currently it is being denied. I can neither buy credits nor add a payment method due to it.
I tried my other visa and mastercards but they failed as well.
My cards usually work on GCP and AWS but not sure why its been denied here.
I am Indian Resident

Stripe is, unfortunately, not telling us much about why this happened. The message is “have customer contact their bank”.

So is there any other method to continue using fly if card is being rejected?
I just wanted to use the free tier for some hobby projects

Not right now. We need a card on file with Stripe to boot VMs.

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Well I understand the problem here but really it’s a pain not to get the thing work because fly is a great platform
I hope in future that this issue regarding the payment gets resolved

@kurt Thanks for your help
I used my friend’s credit card and it got accepted
Now its time to use for hosting my applications😀

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