What types of cards are supported for payment?

Do you plan to support prepaid credit cards in your Stripe Billing?

Most prepaid cards fail the first time we try to bill them. We’d like to let people pay up front with prepaid cards, but I don’t know when we’ll build that feature.

Thanks for your answer. A credit system like Digital Ocean where people can charge the account or pay early would be cool. I really like using Fly. I just thought you can enable them as DO, Vercel, Cloudflare, Render, etc support.
Is it possible to enable prepaid cards for a specific account?

Keep making great stuff.

Yeah we can enable them. I just marked yours as good to go, do you want that to be the default on your account?

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Yes please! We use prepaid cards for company payments. I’m going to add my card right now. This way we won’t have to switch providers, I love using Fly.

It worked on my personal account! <3 (I’ll try on our Organization account too for later when we add teammates)

SAAS should NEVER support pre-paid cards, NEVER.

We’re going to support buying credits with prepaid cards so the charge is immediate.

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I know you’re saying this with good intentions, but I just wanted to point out many people, especially in some non-US countries can’t have a proper credit/debit card from Master/Visa attached to a bank account. I think it’d be better to include everyone whenever we can :slight_smile:

If it was my service, I would only allow pre-paying with pre-paid cards.

We so so many people scamming to get services for free using cards where they can manually generate the card numbers and set spending limits to $1, use the service for 30 days in this case, pile up a big bill, then never pay it, then create a new account.

This is especially bad when there are free trials involved.

Indeed that’s sad. But yeah, hope the pre-paying comes up soon so more people can enjoy Fly :slight_smile:

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hey @michael - any update on this?

Trying with a european debit card, getting rejected all the time from stripe - any tips?

thank you in advance!


@0xvic no update on prepaid credits yet but it keeps coming up. Debit cards should be okay, could you DM me your organization and I can see what specific error we’re getting?

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thank you for taking care!

we are: “0xhabitat”

Heyo. You can now buy credits with prepaid cards: New: Prepaid Credits (and a bonus story)

cc @mo.rajbi @0xvic

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Just bought some and it worked perfectly. Thanks, Kurt, Michael, and the team! I wonder what’s your product planning like so you can achieve this execution speed.


It’s not product planning, exactly, we just want to make money. :wink:

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