Credit card not accepted

I want to deploy my ruby on rails app somewhere to demo it, however no free provider accepts my credit card (Germany, Visa, prepaid)
What can I do?

I’m having this problem too, I want to deploy an internal application that would require billing beyond the free tier anyway, but in the past week the card which I use for literally every other online payment keeps getting refused when i try to add it to my account.
Looking at the network tab I can see a request to Stripe returning

{code: "card_declined", decline_code: "generic_decline"}

I suspect the stripe support would just tell me to contact the seller for support, but i’ll be in touch with them too.

me having same problem but after waiting for a month everything works fine again, maybe its fraud prevention problem from stripe.

You can try to buy credits, it will work but the save credit card can’t

Prepaid credit cards aren’t supported as billing payment methods (ref 1, ref 2). But you should be able to use the prepaid credit card to buy prepaid credits (min $25). Be warned that accounts can get flagged by the fraud detection systems and require a credit card or manual action from the support team to unlock (ref).

But I don’t want to pay 25$ for a free service and I don’t have access to a non-prepaid card.

Yes, I agree that it sucks. You might be able to get them to manually allow you to use the prepaid credit card (ref) or unlock your account by contacting

Some alternatives:

  • Render doesn’t require a credit card (ref) and supports Ruby on Rails, but note that their free PostgreSQL database expires after 90 days (might not be a problem for a demo app); and they require linking with GitHub/GitLab (ref).
  • alwaysdata doesn’t require a credit card and supports Ruby on Rails.
  • Railway has a free plan. Unverified accounts get a one-off $2 free credits. You can verify by linking to a >=90-day-old GitHub account, then you get $5/month free credits but execution is limited to 500hr/month (= 70% uptime). To lift the execution limit you can buy prepaid credits (min $5; they call this a “credit-based subscription” for the Developer Plan; you’d continue to get $5/month free credits; ref). They support Ruby on Rails (third party video tutorial).

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