Postgres app is dead

My webapp is throwing 500 because of not known by me reasons the PG app is dead.
It may be related to this incident Status - FRA Consul Server unavailable
Can someone guide me how to get back the instance running? Should I recreate a new instance to use the existing volume so that I keep the previous DB data?

15:41:53 in my_project on ξ‚  master via β¬’ v18.7.0 via πŸ’Ž v3.1.2 on 🐳 v20.10.21 took 2s ➜ fly apps list
NAME                            OWNER           STATUS          PLATFORM        LATEST DEPLOY        
webapp                          personal        running         nomad           2022-11-13T22:04:33Z
webapp-db                       personal        dead            nomad           2022-09-10T15:42:16Z
app-builder-winter-leaf-45      personal        suspended       machines                            

It should now be back.

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Same problem here and my DB is not back yet. The last activity is by β€œFly” creating a new release 3 days ago and ever since, my DB is dead.

Any ideas how I can bring it back?
I created a new postgres DB and noticed that it now uses platform β€œmachines” instead of β€œnomad”. Was there some kind of migration that broke things perhaps?