Postgres lingering connection after deleting fly app?


We’ve setup some github actions in our CI pipeline to create a staging app for each opened PR. These apps are then deleted when the PR closes. All the apps connect to the same db instance, so the instance is shared, but within each instance we have a database for each app.

What we’re seeing is that our db instance seems to be keeping a single connection open even after the app has been deleted (the ones with 12 open connections are active apps):

Upon further investigation, when doing select * from pg_stat_activity;, we observe that the connection is being used by the flypgadmin user and its last query is SELECT version();

Is this the normal behaviour?

Bumping this, hoping someone from Fly can help.

@kurt is there any update on paid support? We’d be happy to pay. It’s not ideal that the only option is to post here where there’s no guarantee that we’ll get a response.

Hey there - We have been building out support so that we can actually deliver on that when we launch paid plans (instead of just saying that we can provide support without actually being able to!). We’ve made a lot of headway on this, as well as on the rest of the services we’ll have in the paid plans. So you will see them officially launched really soon.

I’m really sorry it’s been frustrating, and (truly!) thanks for bumping this up.

I appreciate that. Can someone comment on the substance of the original question? We’re running into another, separate issue right now, but don’t want to keep posting into the void.

@enaia So even though you’ve deleted your apps, the associated databases still exists within your PG instance. The connection is likely coming from the process that captures PG server metrics.

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Hey @shaun, thanks for the help!
We ended up doing:
DROP DATABASE enaia_pr_<number> WITH (FORCE); DROP USER enaia_pr_<number>; for all the deleted apps.
We had to wait some minutes, but after that the connections started dropping :+1:.