postgres dead

My postgres app is dead, and the other posts didn’t help. I know that is a free service, but I didn’t was expecting this kind of situation.

I have no option in the interface to check logs, or any useful information. Or at least to try to restart the postgres. And didn’t found any official information about what is going on.

Seems that make a new deploy of the same app make the postrgres be live again… But I still don’t know what happened

Try running fly status --all <db-name> and see what comes up. If you don’t see any VMs with failures listed, it probably failed more than a week ago.

Single node postgres databases can go down for a number of reasons. If they crash, and our automated system can’t start them again, they may stay down until you manually intervene.

Diagnosing these crashes takes some work. They’re most often because the database ran out of memory, disk space, or got into a deadlock.