New postgres app dead

I’m new here - just tried to create a postgres app and see this:

2 desired, 6 placed, 0 healthy, 6 unhealthy [restarts: 12] [health checks: 18 total, 5 passing, 8 critical]

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Hey there!

Can you tell us the app’s name for your postgres?

We found and fixed the bug that was preventing your cluster from booting. You should be all set now, sorry about that!

How reliable are Postgres apps?

We can see regular posts with “obscure problems” that you jump in and fix manually.

Are they production ready?

They’re in beta, I think they’re pretty good for side projects and small workloads but we haven’t worked all the bugs out yet. We have a bunch more details here: Early look: PostgreSQL on Fly. We want your opinions.

This particular post was a provisioning error. We had one outage in Europe that stopped a few clusters until we manually intervened.