persistent redis instance on fly VM for bullMQ

I understand the upstash offers a solution, but due to extremely high message count from BullMQ, my use case is not compatible with their pricing model.

Is it feasible for me to run my own redis instance in fly VM ?

If so, are there any resources I can dig into achieving this? the self redis doc from fly website seems to be outdated.

Thanks in advance.

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Running into this issue as well. It’s hard to tell how many commands BullMQ is sending in total since we get limited on the free plan. Given the current pricing structure - I’m not sure if Upstash is the best fit for BullMQ.

Currently looking at alternatives outside of Fly, e.g. Google Cloud Memorystore.

For ur reference, I ended up launching my own redis on fly with persistent volume for aof. Kinda scared but testing it out.

I got the idea from Deploying Remix and Redis on Fly with some tweaks for my use case

FYI, if you read the whole thread linked here, you’ll see the cost of running BullMQ is likely to be very low. Of course, running for free is a different story. Are you concerned about high cost, or staying within a free allowance?

Running your own Redis is fine, of course, but comes with all the caveats of running an unmanaged service.

Upstash dashboard indicated 125M commands across 5 days on a single instance running 12 queues when I tried their free tier back in January 10th.

Unless something drastically changed on upstash side in terms of not tracking empty queries performed by bullmq, I don’t think the cost of running bullmq is low at this time.

Hello, can you start a conversation using the chat widget, about the high incurred cost from the Upstash console? Then we can look into it more deeply.

I dont know where the widget is. Could you point me to the direction please?

When you open the Upstash console you should see a chat widget at the bottom right of the page. Looks like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 13.52.46

Thanks for reaching out. Upstash was my first choice for redis, given how easy it was to connect with my fly instances, so I’ll be excited to hear any kinds of update in the future that puts Upstash back into my candidates.