Billing for unused upstash redis

Hi all
We are new to and started an app a few weeks ago. It’s a rails app which requires a redis-instance. Since we are thinking to migrate our services to fly, we made several attempts which resulted in having 3 redis instances at upstash.
After a few days we realized one of them having a substantial amount of traffic caused by sidekiq. We immediately stopped all our servers, deleted the redis instances using the fly cli.
(fly redis destroy)

“fly redis list” returns us no running instances, but the the dashboard still shows all of them. Clicking the instances redirects ud to upstash. On upstash it shows us “no data”, but the instances still show up (with deleted).

We are still getting charged for all those instances, the amount piling up to 60$ until today! We then wrote to the billing support at, but getting no response at all.

Anybody has an idea how to immediately get rid of those redis instances?
We planned to migrate all our services to fly, but this experience shakes a bit our trust in the platform, which I find a pity, since it promises all we ever wanted.

Any suggestions how to proceed in this case?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey there, this looks frustrating and confusing, indeed. We’ll reply in more detail on your billing ticket, but I’ll add a bit of context here for others.

The instances are definitely gone - the dashboard display is a bug that’s been filed.

We’re looking into the billing side. In the worst case, for situations like this we can issue credits or refunds if we can determine the costs are unjustified.

Update on this: the dashboard issue was fixed, and we found an issue with charges being doubled for some accounts. Those charges have been cleared out.

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Thanks a lot for the thorough investigation. As Joshua explained, the 58$ were a display issue. After the fix the bill shows now ~30$, which is perfectly right.
We’re happy, our gut feeling was right and our call for help was answered :wink:
Thanks for the great support!


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