Pay-as-you-go pricing for Redis databases

Is there a way to see the actual usage that we will be billed for?

Upstash started limiting us on a free tier since we kept hitting 10k request per day. Which shouldn’t happen if they do not count the empty responses.

We upgraded to pay-as-you go and it seems that BullMQ is generating ~10k request per hour. Still haven’t hit 100k requests to see if we are billed for them or not. If we are then having to pay ~15$ just to keep an idle Redis instance alive seems absurd.

EDIT: Looks like we are indeed billed for the whatever empty traffic BullMQ is generating:

Our implementation should be pretty standard (ioredis with bullmq) and the graphs above don’t have any actual data (we tested the integration on Thursday and since then haven’t added a single job to the queue).
At this stage it looks like Upstash is not a suitable provider for us, which is a shame since I really liked the ability to deploy and manage the Redis instance via flyctl.

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