Upstash For Redis: New Fixed Price Plan and PAYG plan changes

Hello everyone,

In response to valuable feedback and careful analysis, we’re updating our pricing structure effective today, April 1st, 2024, to provide a better solution for customers using a software that frequently polls Redis.

Previously, to reduce costs for this segment of customers, we did not count empty responses. This approach was flawed, added complexity, and didn’t have the desired effect of correctly identifying targeted use cases. As a result going forward, every request made to our system, including those returning empty responses, will be included in pay-as-you-go billing. This adjustment is essential for simplifying our billing system and ensuring fairness.

Introduction of a Fixed-Price Plan

As a solution to the polling problem, and based on feedback about predictable billing, we’re excited to announce a new fixed-price plan.
Under this new plan, a database running a full month will cost $50; the plan includes unlimited requests, 3GB of storage, up to 100 requests per second, and a 1MB limit on message size. Each additional replica region will incur a $10 fee.

Next Steps

If these changes affect your current setup, we encourage you to consider transitioning to our new fixed-price plan. For a seamless switch, please update flyctl to the latest version and execute the command flyctl redis update <yourdb> to migrate.

Please leave any questions or feedback here or do not hesitate to send an email to for further assistance or clarifications.

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As a result going forward, every request made to our system, including those returning empty responses, will be included in pay-as-you-go billing.

Caught off-guard on this; I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t more repercussion. This is a huge change for anyone using Sidekiq, as polling alone will account for $60 monthly charge for PAYG in my case. My app doesn’t have nearly enough traffic to justify the $50 fixed plan, and Sidekiq polling alone would blast away the 10,000 requests allowance for the free tier in less than an hour.

For the sake of comparison, has a reasonable free tier with no daily limit on requests (afaik), and the first paid tier is $5. I’m scrambling to move all my projects over there.


Thank you for your feedback. We understand the impact of our recent pricing changes on your Sidekiq usage and hear the concerns about cost-effectiveness. Our goal with the new fixed pricing, including the 3GB storage and 100 requests per second, was to support a wider range of use cases including queueing and make it more affordable compared to our other fixed plans (Pro2k and Pro10K). However, we take your feedback seriously and will explore ways to meet the needs in a more cost effective way. Please stay tuned for updates, and feel free to reach out for any further discussion

Are we going to be able to keep some upstash instances as pay as you go and just do a fixed price for others?

yes exactly, you can have different upstash instances in different plans.

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