My app is gone, dashboard returns 500

Yesterday, my app was still fine, deployed in US regions only.
Today, flyctl status shows me:

  Name     =          
  Owner    =          
  Version  = 0        
  Status   =          
  Hostname = <empty>  

App has not been deployed yet.

The web dashboard returns a 500 Server error.

What is going on??

A bit more info:
flyctl auth token and flyctl auth whoami give me the expected output.

flyctl list orgs shows nothing more than NAME SLUG TYPE

flyctl list apps outputs only NAME STATUS ORG DEPLOYED

We just updated our status page concerning this: Status - IAD network issues reaching our scheduler

Hopefully flyctl should now provide the correct information.

Thanks @jerome , flyctl status now looks fine.

Hi, I try to re-deploy the app, but it’s still running the redeploy after 20 minutes. Do you have any advise?


@developer this should now be fixed.