Something went wrong?

I’m not able to access any fly servers or the backend. is very slow.

This is what is showing on login.

Had to move work loads to other provider.

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having the same issue, currently experiencing 500 when monitoring my active deployment

Happens all the time to me as well. Seems like Fly is having trouble handling the traffic sometimes.

I try to do my Fly work in the morning (EU time). I feel like it’s more stable when the NA people are asleep :upside_down_face:

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I was evaluating this for production but doesn’t seem to be stable at times sadly.

hey everyone, we’re looking into this. we’ll keep you all posted with all new info. We’ll also post updates via our status page shortly

Thanks for the update. Tried to look on status page nothing was showing about outage.

When the app runs, it’s quite stable. I’ve had no downtime so far. But there’s often problems in the CLI, builders, deployment, dashboard. I love but it would be a lot less stressful if there weren’t so many issues. I hope it’s just growing pains that will be resolved soon :slight_smile: I hope that fresh Series B money will help :pray:


Ya, it was very stable for the few days that I’ve been running test workloads on it. I was surprised at the low ram usage.

So that’s why I have issues with deployment currently. Can’t seem to be able to retrieve and run superfly/flyctl-actions.

Half of our production apps are experiencing downtime due to network requests not resolving from inside Fly deployments, which is unfortunate. I share many of the same sentiments as @Yaeger

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I understand everyones frustations but you guys gatta realize the scale of this team is not like other companies, gatta find patience when using smaller services that are receiving a lot more traffic than usual lately.


Have you had much downtime on your production apps or is this just a one-time thing?

I’m not complaining. It’s a awesome platform and well thought out for a small team. I just didn’t see any status updates, so I was just starting a thread.

This is the first one so far since running apps for about 3-4 weeks now which has caused actual outage of apps running on prod (vs. 500s on Fly dashboards / deployments).

What apps are you seeing outages on? We’re looking at the API issue, but that’s separate from app hosting. (

I’m having deployments consistently become unhealthy and elevated response times, along with requests timing out despite no surge in traffic nor are my metrics indicating any issue regarding that

It has just this moment come back online. We’ve experienced ~25 minutes of outage on our production app.


Perhaps a waiting list should be introduced if the scale can’t be handled :slight_smile: Wouldn’t want to be the person explaining that to investors though :grin: