503 error when resuming an app


I created an app yesterday and got it all working. Figured I’d suspend it overnight and carry on working on it today.

I ran flyctl suspend on it yesterday. All good.

I ran flyctl resume today. Error. Tried a re-deploy, in case that would give it a kick. No. Hmm:

$ flyctl resume
Error server returned a non-200 status code: 503
$ flyctl deploy
Deploying NAME
==> Validating app configuration
Error not possible to validate configuration: server returned server returned a non-200 status code: 503

Hmm … What’s gone wrong?

How do I resume/re-deploy a suspended app? It’s the cdn logs one if you want to check it out at your end.


Does it 503 if you try again?

Ah, weird.

I tried flyctl resume three times. No luck. Error each time.

I just tried it again and I don’t know if you did anything at your end. But it now says now it’s not suspended. I checked its status, and it showed as ‘dead’. Which is … progress?

Anyway, I tried a re-deploy, and it appears to be re-deploying now. So that’ll do.

Ah, no.

The deployment seems to have failed. Or at least is stuck. Normally the healthchecks etc appear. Nothing happened.

Still shows as dead.

Tried a restart too. In case that is the resurrection command for an app whose status is dead. Seemed promising. But no. It did not arise from the dead.

$ flyctl resume
Error App is not suspended
$ flyctl restart
NAME is being restarted
$ flyctl status
... [dead]

Could you DM me your app name and I’ll take a look?


If it’s easier I can destroy it and make a new one. It would be good to be able to suspend and resume though.

I had to make some progress so in the end I gave up, destroyed it and made a new one.

So when you check on it now, it will seem fixed. It’s a new one though. I never did get the old one back. Ah well.

Sorry about that. We’re not happy with suspend and resume right now. You can do the same thing with flyctl scale count 0 so we might remove them.

No problem.

Yes, if scale to zero does the same thing, makes sense to me to remove suspend. I didn’t consider scaling to zero.