fly deploy passes - but no activity on Endpoint

I’ve ran flyctl deploy on my phoenix application and it seemed to deploy with no issues.

For whatever reason however - my endpoint is not active at all.

I’ve tried fly restart with no luck - just a Loading screen

I’m a beginner to and could definitely use some help.

Any and all is always appreciated <3

Can you use fly logs to check for any issues? Phoenix usually is very helpful on log messages when there’s something wrong.

Another tip would be running fly status to see if there are no failing VMs too.

Everything seems to be working after checking fly status and fly logs

Do you get any interesting logs by accessing your app on the browser?

That’s what’s interesting - there are no changes to the logs when trying to visit the URL

I “deleted” an app and db with the same name, and believe that may be what’s causing the issue but not 100% sure

I’ve escalated this as there’s a chance this a proxy issue. Thanks for this info

Understood - would you recommend I delete this app as well and rename to something else? Or just hang tight?

If its not a pressing issue to have the app out there, having it out there will help us debug :slight_smile:

Feel free to create another one too if you want :slight_smile:

Not pressing - I appreciate the prompt response :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing back!

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Just a note that we’re digging into this right now. This looks like an “us” thing, not a “you” thing (but don’t hold me to that).

Thanks @thomas like I mentioned - I’m pretty new to so I’m more than happy to take accountability for my mistakes haha - I appreciate y’all :slight_smile:

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Somehow, between the delete and re-deploy, our backend got confused, and we had the DNS for the deleted version of the app cached. Check it now?

Lookin good! :slight_smile: Again - really appreciate the help. This has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to using fly more in the near future!