Moving to Fly

Hi there,
I’m exploring an alternative home for our product and I love what looks like and generally the product. I created an account and decided to play a bit with the flyctl and generally deploying an open source app and the experience is pretty bumpy so far.

TL;DR I was unable to get a Docker container (latest metabase) running on Fly (all looks good, but the browser/curl just reports PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR).

So my question is… is anywhere production ready, or this is all in some sort of beta/hobbyist stage yet? I’d appreciate an honest answer.

Thanks a lot in advance! :hugs:

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Hello there!

We’re production ready, yes.

It appears the particular app you’re refering to doesn’t have any IPs assigned to it. The hostname for it points to an older IP from a deleted app (I assume). Deleting an app an recreating one with the same name later might cause the DNS record to point to the wrong IP.

Did you remove IP assignments from your app? By default every new app gets anycast IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6. That’s assigned to the app and the <app-name> hostname too. This could be a bug on our end, you may need to add back a new IPs to your app via flyctl ips allocate-v4 and flyctl ips allocate-v6 respectively.

An EOF before any bytes are received usually means we closed the connection because we couldn’t find an app matching the destination IP.

Thanks @jerome

I actually recreated the app and I didn’t play with the IPs at all. I’ll give it another shot.
Thank you!

That’s likely a bug on our end. Deleting and creating an app with the same name has sometimes been problematic. Other times it’s fine.

I noticed you scaled down your app to zero. I assume it was 1+ while you were testing it.

If you don’t mind trying with a different name, that might work better for now until we investigate what went wrong.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I tried the ip commands + recreating app with different name and it didn’t help.