PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR when viewing in the browser

Hi, I’m trying to evaluate with a small Rails + Sidekiq + Redis app, but I get PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR when viewing in the browser.

I tried the suggestions at Moving to Fly but they didn’t fix the issue. Any ideas?



I pasted a bunch of debugging instructions for this, then went and actually tried your URL and something is definitely up. It might not even be something you can fix! Give me a few to see what’s actually wrong here.

Ah! Found it. It appears the app never deployed successfully. If you run fly info you’ll see that there are no HTTP/HTTPS services setup:

  Name     = <app>
  Owner    = personal
  Version  = 2
  Status   = running
  Hostname = <app>


Will you try deploying again? The logs should show what happens if the deploy fails.