DNS resolution issues for fly.dev

Been running without issues for a while now. App is still running but for some reason my page isn’t loading anything.


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Our DNS host seems to be having resolution issues from some places. We’re in contact with them, but they don’t know what’s up yet.

Thanks for the info.

Any idea how long it will take to resolve?

This is, unfortunately, one of the few parts of the infrastructure we don’t run. So not really!

Your app is working fine, so if you have another domain laying around, you can point it at your app IPs directly (fly ips list).

You’ll need to create both an A and and AAAA record to get certificates (ipv6) if you do this.

Why not use 2 or more different nameserver providers for fly.dev? It looks like it should work: Can one have multiple name servers that don't all belong to the same TLD/provider? - Server Fault