New app deployed to sjc (and backup lax) didn't get IP configured automatically

Just wanted to flag this incident of IP addresses not being configured automatically for a new deployed I have manually fixed this by running flyctl ips allocate-v6 and flyctl ips allocate-v4 --shared.

Perhaps something in sjc/lax that caused this issue, and need to be fixed?

Very similar to this incident in the past:

This is not a DNS issue.

How did you create your app? I believe for Apps v1 an IP address is added automatically only if you use fly launch, not fly apps create.


Ah, you are right. I was trying flyctl init originally but was suggested to use flyctl apps create which resulted in a v1 app. I have deleted it now and created a v2 app using flyctl launch, which has IP addresses configured automatically.

Thank you!

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