Moving postgres app to another fly org

Solutions described Moving postgres app to another org here do not work because

a) fly postgres create --snapshot-id requires snapshot to be in same org
b) fly import has the same problem

Also fly apps move does not support postgres.

So what’s the solution?

Tagging postgres, with a garnish of volumes, so it doesn’t get lost in the end-of-week flurry…

Hi… I expect that fly pg import could be made to work, since it’s just the normal Postgres protocol over TCP.

fly pg import diagram: destination postgres <- ephemeral importer machine (within the same org) <- source postgres (pretty much anywhere)

And its source-uri can lie anywhere—including Heroku / other places completely outside of Fly.

Maybe take the route of spanning the two organizations via Flycast…

(Tiny --org at the end.)

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