fly pg import

I am trying to migrate my postgres app from one organization to another. Need to know does fly import allows this?

postgres, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle…

There is much it can do, but complicated cases require varying amounts of manual stitch-up afterwards.

fly pg import would work in this context by creating an ephemeral importer machine within the new organization—and then connecting back to your old database from there. A special variant of Flycast makes this possible (if I’m reading its docs correctly).

fly pg import diagram again: new db ← ephemeral machine (within the new org) ← old db (via flycast)

I don’t have a second organization myself, to test, but something along the lines of…

fly pg create --name new-db --org new-org

# allow new-org to access old-db...
fly ips allocate-v6 --private --org new-org -a old-db

# use the above flycast IP to talk to old-db from within new-org...
fly pg import -a new-db 'postgres://user:password@[fdaa:0:22b7:0:1::3]:5432/cdb?sslmode=disable'

# and if you already have a web app in the new organization, then...
fly pg attach      -a new-web-app --database-name cdb new-db
fly secrets deploy -a new-web-app

Replace fdaa:0:22b7:0:1::3 with the fresh address that fly ips allocate-v6 gave you; user, password, and cdb come from the old DATABASE_URL.

One of the limitations is that it will only import a single cdb, so if you have multiple, you will need to do this again. Another is that user is not created in new-db, and ownerships all come out as postgres instead. Consequently, if you had custom roles, then you will need to re-create them all by hand.

Hope this helps a little!

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