LHR VM not being stopped

Due to known issues in the LHR region, I’m trying to wind down our instance there, and spin up one in FRA. But there’s nothing I can do to stop the LHR one. I tried:

fly vm stop 800e42ac -a there-nur
VM 800e42ac is being stopped

Previously tried changing regions set, scale down, and restarting the service. No luck.
Can you stop the LHR vm for app there-nur?

We’re seeing all our LHR instances are completely inaccessible at the moment and can’t seem to do anything with them.

My requests to lhr are failing too.

As well as responding here, Fly will likely update their status page and so if you haven’t already done so, you could click the blue subscribe button here to be sure to get the latest updates:

Thanks, sending positive energy your way :pray:

Thank you! This appears to be fixed now :slight_smile: