Can't deploy to LHR?

I’ve been unable to complete a deploy to the LHR region since this morning. I’ve made a few small updates and the deploy always stalls out when trying to place a machine in LHR

Hi Michael, we’re having some issues with the volumes on that host in LHR. We’re working on fixing it.

Thank you @ben-io

If I was on a paid tier (provisioned a larger VM) would I still have these kinds of interruptions? I’ve loved fly for my side-projects and would love to understand if this is a growing-pain type issue that affects all LHR instances, or if this is a “free-tier people can wait” type of issue.

This only affected your particular volume, weirdly. More expensive VMs wouldn’t have helped. The only real reason to do paid plans is to get email support, since you’ll get a more consistent response and we’ll go dig into your app specifically right away.

FYI, the simplest workaround for the blocked volume you have right now is to delete it, and create another. I do not believe another volume will end up in that spot.

Thanks for the update @kurt . Does this mean I will lose the data on that volume? This app hosts an educational website where kids can write code to generate SVGs and the LHR region hosted a couple of “classrooms” that kids here contributed to.

Nevermind, I just did some reading and found out about snapshots (hooray for auto backups!). I had a backup from the old volume that was just 17hrs old and created a new volume from that snapshot. Then the app started back up in LHR and all my data is recovered. Thanks for the awesome platform and support :heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart:


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