LHR region status

I’ve got an app which runs in LHR and IAD, but 30 minutes ago, the LHR instance was killed and restarted in a backup region, which I would expect to happen if there were problems in LHR.

So I checked the status page https://status.flyio.net/ to see if it was a known problem, but found that LHR doesn’t exist there as a region. Is that just a reporting oversight, or is LHR not a “fully formed” region in some way?

Hey there. LHR is a supported region, but we’re having capacity issues in LHR due to a recent flurry of deployments there. We’ll check the status page and update here as we have more information. Are you OK running in a backup region for now?

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have no problem running in a different region for now.

Assuming you’re running shared-cpu-1x VMs, this is by design. When dedicated-cpu VMs need capacity, we evict shared CPU VMs to make room. This is rare, though, it might be the only time you experience it. :slight_smile: