I don't have a credit card, but I just bought a credit of $26, but the system still thinks that I am a robot

I am getting the notification “Confirm your payment method to keep using our platform. We think you are a human but our system does not. Click here to confirm your payment method to unlock your account.”


If you have paid the money but the system is not reflecting that, it may be one for billing@fly.io

Can’t hurt to send them an email.

You may need to provide a credit card to prove you are human but i would have assumed adding credits would have already done that :thinking:

The credit balance is reflecting in the Billing section of my account. The billing section even says that the account status is in good standing. But I am still receiving this notification to confirm a payment method. I click on the notification and it goes to a page that is asking me for a credit card.

But that is the point of having credit systems in the first place. To allow people without credit card to be able to use this platform. The added credits are the payment method. This has been mentioned multiple times on this forum. Refer:

I have emailed the billing@fly.io team regarding this. I have not heard back from them.

The added credits are the payment method

I agree that should be sufficient.

The docs do say …

We require an active, valid credit card on file for most Fly.io accounts to do things like deploying multiple apps and deploying public images. This is primarily a means to prevent abuse and ensure that we can collect payment at the end of the month.

but a bit further down that page they go on to say …

While a credit card is the preferred payment method, if you don’t have one, then you can add credits to your account. You can purchase credits from the Billing section of the dashboard in various amounts (minimum purchase $25). Your usage cost is subtracted from the credit balance each month.

So it sounds like it is a bug with the UI.

Thank you Greg for looking up the documentation. It is indeed puzzling that I would receive such an error.

It seems like the billing team will respond on Monday, as I haven’t received any response from them until now.


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