Can I test without a credit card?

Hello, I’d like to deploy a sample app on just to test the service. I only want to use the free tier to see that I am able to properly deploy; the app doesn’t need any scaling or more resources since it’s just for testing that deploying works properly. Is there a way to do it for free?

Other services like heroku allow me to do that.

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Hello! We currently require either a credit card or prepaid credits to launch an app. The credit card is just for validation, however, we use those to prevent people from mining crypto currencies. We won’t charge your card – only about 25% of customers grow past the free tier and get charged.

Hello @kurt, thanks for replying. I guess I’ll just need to enter my credit card. I presume it would be possible to remove my credit card after some time if I wanted ?

The card needs to stay on the account in order to function. Otherwise scammers would do the same thing :wink:

We delete your card when you cancel your account though!

Fair enough! Thank you @michael !