Is it possible to use with no credit card if you're a student?


I am a 15 yr old high school student that would like to use solely on the free tier. However, I don’t have a credit card I can use.

Is there any student free tier or anything of that sort to use with no credit card?

Thank you.

Hi @user58! You should be able to add a small amount in credits and start using Fly - and if you stay under the free tier, your credits won’t actually get used up.

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Could you share how one can add credits? Signing up prompted me to enter a credit card before I could move forward. :thinking: This support document seems to say the same:

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You should be able to do this on the Fly dashboard, under your Personal Organization. See Accounts > Organizations.

Thanks! I see that now. It sounds like one can just skip the initial prompt to add a card. :+1:t4: