How to get billing usage to $0.00

Hi all, I’m using to host this personal budgeting app which has very little added to it and I’m wondering why I’ve already accumulated 2 cents and if I can lower the SSD storage? I’m not sure if my creation of multiple machines/volumes when learning how to get it setup may have something to do with it. But I’d like to reduce as much as possible because I don’t need much.

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If this is all you’re hosting, your bill will probably be below 5$. Bills below $5.00 are not collected so you won’t pay anything.

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Hi there,

You can check here how our pricing works for volumes. Clicking on that blue button on the volume row of your screenshot will also provide you more information about your volume usage.

If you don’t want to go over the free tier for volumes, make sure you don’t have more than 3GB of total provisioned capacity on the volumes of your organization. You can use the flyctl to check that.

Hope that clears things up, but let me know if you still have any questions :slight_smile:


Oh okay so follow up questions. I accidentally added two 3gb volumes to start and deleted the 2nd one after I saw I was accumulating a charge. But it also recommends that I have more than one volume at a time.

Would it be an issue to only have one if only my girlfriend and I are going to access it and not use that much data?
I added a new 2nd volume that is one 1gb so I currently have 4gb total. If I delete the first 3gb volume, would that remove all the data I’ve added? Or would it get transferred to the 2nd volume automatically?

We recommend having more than one volume per app for availability reasons, but if this is a small app that only a couple people will use and some downtime is acceptable, I wouldn’t worry too much on having more than one volume.

If you delete your volume, it will delete your data too. It won’t be automatically transferred to the 2nd volume. We usually use snapshots to transfer data to a new volume, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t work in your case, as snapshots only works if the new volume is the same size or larger than the original volume, but you want a smaller one.

Should be simple to manually backup your data and move to a new volume, tho. It seems the app you are trying to run is using SQLite as its database, is that right?

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