billing: volumes and storage

It is not clear how volumes/storage are billed.

I’ve been experimenting with fly (mostly staying within free tier, as far as I know).
I do have a couple of 500gb volumes.
It seems there is free “3GB of provisioned capacity per organization” (Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs)

I do see about $20 at
87543 GB/hr × Volume: SSD Storage (at $0.000208333…

I’d like to understand how this works.

Hi @sasha – It does look confusing! But it is (maybe) simpler than the invoice makes it look: Volumes are charged at $.15/GB per month, it is based on the size of the volume provisioned (less the included 3GB), and storage is prorated to the hour.

So if you provision a 500GB volume and have it up for one hour, you’re only charged for that hour that 500GB volume is up. It looks like you’d provisioned some larger volumes, but they weren’t up the whole month. So you were only charged for the hours that those volumes were provisioned. The billing shows the total volume usage over the month, and the prorated hourly rate.

Hopefully that clarifies a bit?

Makes sense, thanks.

I am still not sure: right now I have a single tiny (3gb volume).
Still, billing shows a tiny, but non-zero amount for August.

It looks like at one time there was a 3GB volume and a 40GB volume. The 3GB is deleted, but the 40GB one is still active. Since we charge for the provisioned volume size, the charge would be for the 40GB volume.

Since there isn’t much data in the 40GB volume, you could create a new 3GB one and move the data to that. Does that help?

Ah, I had a runaway 40gb volume in the app that it in a dead state.
It would be great to be able to see all volumes in one place.


hey @michele,

So just to be perfectly clear: if I had 4 GB volume up for a month, that would be 108$/month correct or am i completely misunderstanding ?

PS: Pricing calculator app would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

A pricing calculator is definitely something we want to do!

Volumes are $.15/GB per month (not per hour) of provisioned capacity. When we say it’s prorated to the hour, it means that if you only have the volume up for half the month, the cost would be half of that.

Hope that helps!

that makes a lot more sense. Thank you