Volume usage / pricing

Hi everyone!
I have a Phoenix Live view app that has an upcoming Invoice Item associated with it but i have no idea why is it being charged.

Does this means that my app volume has almost 1.3Tb of data stored? I’ve executed fly ssh console -C "du -sh" and it reports only 261M.

Can this be related to Postgres database? i Have a 2.2Gb database but the free tier is 3Gb, correct?

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

I believe volume storage is pro-rated by hour.

And so if you store 1GB for a whole month, that would equate to ~750 GB/hr (as there are about 750 hours in a month, depending on how you calculate it). 750 hours * 1GB. And in your case, you say storing around 2GB, which would be around 1500 GB/hr if kept for the entire month. Which I’d guess it wasn’t as it will vary over the month. So you have 1264 listed.

And as storing 1GB for a month costs $0.15, that would follow, as you are billed $0.26. So that would indeed be the cost to store 2GB, ish.

But … you say 3GB is free, so not sure that $0.26 should be there, as I would assume that falls into the free allowance. One for Fly.


I have a similar issue where I was charged for minimal use of the Volume feature (Definitely using lesser than 1GB of storage):
Volume: SSD Storage (per GB/hr) --------------- $0.55
Qty 2,663 ------------------------------------------------$0.0002083333 each

Was I unfairly charged? Appreciate help on this.

It looks like you had a 10GB volume provisioned most of the month. I’m assuming this was unintentional?

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Hey Kurt, thanks for following up. Yeah I realised after doing a few more checks yesterday that I accidentally provisioned a 10GB instead of a 1GB Volume when I was setting up my app. Definitely my fault as a first time Fly user, but I was pleasantly surprised to get an email that the $0.55 was refunded so that is much appreciated! Really love the ease to deploy applications and also the generous free tier Fly provides!