How to copy files off a VM

I need to copy the WAL files from postgres vm off the instance.

I have the files copied to a temp directory on the volume (so they don’t get removed). Now trying to figure out how to get them back to a local machine. SCP is not installed, but I assume I can install it, just now sure how that’s going to play with the fly ssh console (how I accessed the VM to start with).

Alternatively if you are looking for someone to test postgres volume snapshots you are doing, I had my own backup but it was a dump which I have restored, but missing about 3 hours of data from the dump

You can use scp from your machine to the VM using flyctl’s ssh commands.

flyctl ssh establish
flyctl ssh issue --agent

Once you’ve issued a cert, connect to app.internal if WireGuard is active or your VM’s private ip (found with flyctl ips private)

scp root@app.internal:/path/to/file file

The volume snapshots aren’t quite ready yet, but they will be soon.

We take snapshots every 24 hours, if you’d like we can restore one for you so you can see if that 3h of data is there.

If it’s easy to restore one sure, but not a big deal. If the snapshot ran at or around 6pm us central time in June 3 it will have the data.

Thanks for the ssh, I should have read the docs closer, I was under the impression it was just got you the console.

No worries, our ssh docs don’t cover everything you can do yet.

DM me your app name and I’ll see what backups we have and we can go from there.