can't use command ' flyctl ssh issue --agent'

i want use scp to copy some file to my app
i use wireguard and try to add a ssh key
but it’s wrong here

how to resolve this problem, or another way to copy file to my app?

Are you sure you’re already running an SSH agent? I’m not sure how that works on Windows. Are you using WSL?

Yes, i can use ssh , i 'm not use WSL, the WSL is not support ipv6.
i can use ssh to connect the container

But i can’t use scp

Can you try installing openssh in your VM? You can do that logging in with fly ssh console and running apt-get install openssh, assuming you’re on a Debian/Ubuntu-based image.

yes , my Dockerfile is based on alpine linux ,which is not contain scp , when i use apk add --no-cache openssh-client in my VM, and do it again, it’s success.

i try to start ssh-agent and try again, it’s still error

OK, thanks for the report. This seems like a Windows-specific issue. Could you file an issue on GitHub - superfly/flyctl: Command line tools for services?

ok, the issue is created in