How to reduce the time it takes to propagate DNS?

It appears that from the time that the app is launched and is passing all readiness checks, to the time it is accessible through the public URL, there is a delay of ~3 minutes.

Since the app is already running, I am assuming the delay is the time takes to propagate DNS records.

curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

Is there a quick way to connect to the application? Doesn’t even need to be public Internet.

edit: Surprising DNS propagation is still slow enough to matter (despite recent improvements). Per this thread, may be bluegreen deployment strategy with 3+ VMs might help: how do deploys work? - #9 by jsierles

You could connect to the VM over 6pn which (apparently) may have faster propagation (see), but may also be down at times (ex), and come with gotchas (like).


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