Persistent Volumes/SCPing of Files

I’ve got what I think is scp MOSTLY working with my fly volume following the instructions from here just to reiterate:

Context: using a fly generated Dockerfile for phoenix/elixir.

  • Setup Wireguard on my machine
  • flyctl ssh issue --agent
  • flyctl ssh console
  • > apt-install openssh-client
  • > exit
  • scp file root@myapp.internal:/data/file

^^ This appears to work but once it gets to 100% it just hangs indefinitely and its not clear it finished. After I ctrl-c it and ssh in I see the file was transferred, but its not a great UX.

It has got me thinking I should generate a live_view file manager or something for my volume :P.

And I don’t wanna tell ya’ll how to do your jobs or w/e but I know Tailscale kinda solved this with “Taildrop” which is kinda scp over over wireguard, maybe you could copy their approach?

Specifically I’m using this with sqlite so if anyone has issues with that the next steps are:

  • ssh into the box
  • cd into your volume
  • chown nobody ./*
  • flyctl restart app

ALSO noting that the next deploy the openssh-client tools won’t be there so it probably behooves you to add them to your dockerfile image. Just showing the steps needed to make it work (for now).

Hi, maybe noob question here but when I try to execute

apt-install openssh-client

I get the following

# apt-install openssh-client
/bin/sh: 1: apt-install: not found

What am I missing?

The magical incantation is apt-get install openssh-client. :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I was always trying with sudo and now I know how it works

So need to have something like “openssh-client” running on the remote host?